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Forever Heath

I won't have enough of a life

But with a little luck
Our names will lay back on a bench 
Life is flying by the seasons of the Heath
I'm trying to catch the essence of the land
The green light, white cotton clouds 
The newborn of a tree skeleton
Then a dead one, standing by the fresh buds
The yellow flight of a butterfly
Snaky branches' shadows...

A grey lady is sitting in the sunshine
Recovering, at last, from the long winter
Lost in her thoughts forever 
In a glimpse she can see her whole life floating...
Still, refreshing her body in a tear
The soul yet belonging to the woods' whispers...
A baby appears, pumped like a wind god, his cheeks' balloons ready to explode
His nanny slippers on the path
Like a bridge over the present to the past
Dark green Mother Nature's eye
Cuddling the track moving around the rolling rocks in her watering mouth
As so many bouncing candies
The windy trees move their hair
Singing back a blossom gospel
The forest's spirit shivering the sleeping fight...


The dark cross of a crow
The white prints on the snow
The trouble dream's hollow
Sapphire glimpse of sorrow

Marry me Earth! Forget me not! 

Like these twinkling flowers dancing in a plot
Melting memories disappear in honeysuckle smoke
Ashes fly away in an impossible stroke
My blood carries the ships of the seasons
And my heart beats universal madness
Other prints will hurry down the hills
In the same against the time run will

I am the pond full of feathers!

I feel the flight full of fever

I drink the rain in great laughter
Breathing the time to remember...

I want the Autumn's leaves
To make up my eyelids

And lying down there,

On a bench of eternity.



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