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What I do & love

artist @La Tangente (Versailles) 


student @Literary Salons by Toby Brothers (London)





Trees stories


• Plaidoyer pour l'arbre, Francis Hallé 

• Le Baron Perché, Italo Calvino

• L'Homme qui plantait des arbres, Jean Giono

• Paul Valéry, Dialogue de l'Arbre

• The Secret Life of Trees, Colin Tudge 

• Ancient Trees, Portraits of Time, Beth Moon








"When we have learned how to listen to trees, then the brevity, the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy. Whoever has learned how to listen to trees no longer wants to be a tree. He wants to be nothing except what he is. That is home. That is happiness.",

Hermann Hesse, in Trees: Reflections and Poems

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