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Moving trees: emotion in motion


I've always been fascinated, inspired and attracted by trees. How they live, move, feel, grow, spread. How they fight, and then heal, regenerate, age and finally, die. How some survive to us and live across centuries.

How similar we would like to be. How much we depend on them.

They've always been an ongoing source of inspiration, in art and literature, since the very old ages and civilizations.

On a personal point of view, I've always felt an irresistible need to be 'in touch' with them: whenever I walk through a forest, I can't help myself hugging a tree, putting an ear close to its trunk, listening to what I imagine being the sap flooding in its veins, its heartbeat, whispering a few words like an old secret... Feeling this energy which fills all my senses.

When I first discovered Hampstead Heath in London, I instantly fell in love with its enchanted woods, walking through the secular trees like in a fantasy book or a movie, opening doors to new stories to tell... 

At a time when the Rainforest and forests are in danger... 








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